”One blessing had I, than the rest so larger to my eyes that I stopped gauging, satisfied, for this enchanted size.”

- Emily Dickinson

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Meet Alejandro

As a proud Latinx member of the LGBTQ+ community, Alejandro brings a unique and colorful perspective to everything he touches. His journey is a mesmerizing blend of Frida Kahlo's fiery activism and artistic prowess, Beyonce Knowles’ empowering words of testament, and other women in his life that inspire him.

With an unapologetic passion for the exquisite world of flowers, he finds inspiration in the delicate petals and bold blooms that grace our planet. His artistry reflects a deep connection to nature's beauty and resilience.
But that's not all! Alejandro doesn't just stop at admiring nature's artwork; At the tender age of 8, his craftmanship his sparked and he began to learn how to craft jewelry. And now he's become a self-taught master of crafting his own specialized pieces of art. His jewelry creations are a testament to his dedication and craftsmanship with each piece telling a story, woven with love and creativity.
Alejandro has carved out a pathway in the world of creation with deep respect and enduring admiration for the Latinx and Black LGBTQ+ activists who've paved the way, illuminating his journey. Their courage and tenacity serve as a guiding light for how he lives his life, true to himself, and in honor of the love he shares with his family and friends.
So, whether he's bringing Frida's spirit to life through his art, turning nature's beauty into wearable treasures, or standing on the shoulders of those who've paved the way Alejandro is always here to add a touch of silver and a whole lot of heart to your world.
Explore his work and let the magic of flowers and jewelry enchant your senses.

“I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.”

- Frida Kahlo